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An emergency is a situation that poses immediate risk to your safety, health, life or property.

Referral Pathways Flow Chart 

What is Family Violence?

Family violence can happen to anyone. Workers at SASFV have heard stories like yours before, we will not judge you, and we know it is not your fault. We are here to help you find the support you need.

Family violence happens when one person hurts another or makes them feel unsafe, and this behaviour is repeated. It can happen in any kind of relationship including with:

None of these people has the right to hurt you or make you live in fear. 

Abuse doesn’t have to involve physical violence or causing hurt to your body, to be family violence. It is never ok for someone to:

These are only some things that can be family violence. There are many others. If anyone is making you feel scared, worried or unsafe, it is OK to ask for help.

If you experience any of these things, you can Contact SASFV to see what help is available for you.

Once you Contact SASFV our workers will listen to your story and help you to access the support you need depending on your unique situation. We know that everyone is different and so are your needs, we will listen to what you want and help you to obtain that.

Some of the different services that we can help you get help from are:

If you are unsure about if you need support, you can always Contact SASFV, you can ask us anything.